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September 19, 2018

Eligibility for Coverage

All active members of the retirement system who are actively at work may enroll either during a one-time offering which has been communicated to you by the retirement system, open-enrollment or within 90 days of your hire date.

Eligible dependents include your spouse or domestic partner* and unmarried children live birth up to age 26, or as required by specific state law.  Dependent children are your legally adopted children, stepchildren and foster children who depend on you for support.  Dependents in military service are not eligible. 

There are no medical exams or health requirements.

The effective date of your coverage is the first day of the month after application approval.**  If a dependent is confined for medical treatment, coverage will become effective when the dependent is released by a doctor from such confinement. 

* Domestic partners may not be recognized in all states.

** The Group Policy provides that your insurance is not effective until you have made the initial required payment and are making the required contributions on or after the effective date of the insurance.

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